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During a career transition, you will need to write or talk about yourself in a positive light. This can be tough. We are taught to be modest about our talents and abilities, not to be a show-off. This is the opposite of the mindset you need to have when representing yourself professionally. 


Stop struggling and ask us for help. We’ll refine your talents and successes into powerful documents. Our coaching will help you determine your next step and align with your target employer in the interview.  

Grow your career with the best words for your work.

Resume Coaching & Writing

Do you sense change coming in your workplace and need to get your resume in order?

Feeling discouraged in your job search because you are submitting resumes and not getting interviews?

Want to shorten your job search and get a better salary offer?

Your resume is an opportunity to make the best first impression on an employer. They want to be “wowed” with a well-designed, eye-catching, perfectly written document. If that does not describe your current resume, you may want some help.

It’s hard to write for yourself, dig deep, and find those powerful success stories that sell you. We can help by describing your accomplishments and skills in a way that will make you someone they want to know more about.

Have confidence in the resume you submit to a future employer — and land that interview. Set up a complimentary consultation today so we can start crafting something that sells you.

Female Developers

Job Search Strategy

Feel lost your job and don’t know where to start?

Is it time for a change, but the idea of starting a job search is overwhelming?

Want to shorten your search by learning the

latest strategies?


Job search coaching is the perfect solution if you:

  • Know where you want to go with your career but lack an actionable plan for how to get there.

  • Want to learn cutting-edge techniques to shorten your search.

  • Need encouragement with networking.

A job search coach can give you the strategies and confidence to find your next opportunity.


Schedule a complimentary consultation today and get seen by decision-makers who will appreciate your career talents.

Interview Preparation

Need more confidence going into an interview?

Want to refine your pitch to show what you bring

to the table?

Would you like to maximize the amount you get

for a salary offer?


An interviewing coach will give you the tools you need to answer challenging questions under pressure and stay calm. Describing your achievements and personal brand in an impactful way can incentivize an employer to offer compensation at the higher end of the pay range.

Your interviewing coach will give you feedback to help you focus on your strengths and improve your delivery. After these sessions, clients report feeling more organized, confident, and prepared to land the job.

Even if you consider yourself a competent interviewer, there is always room for improvement. Interviewing coaching can take your skills to the next level.

Schedule a complimentary consultation today and develop the edge you need to win the job.

Social Media Networking

Do you struggle to know what to talk about on

social media?

Is your LinkedIn profile stale, but now you need it to look more active for your job search?

Want to know how to use social media to advance your career and have opportunities find you?

Social media's impact on career management and job search today is undeniable. Most companies use social networks to find talent. In addition to having a great resume and intriguing cover letter, developing an online presence is essential to your success.


To be effective, your social media profiles must showcase your expertise as a thought leader in your industry. Your online identity should support the claims made in your resume and provide the additional details, connections, and interests that get you chosen for the interview.

You can also inject your personality into posts and write articles to develop your brand and attract the right employer's attention.

Schedule a complimentary consultation today and learn how to make social media work for you.

Career Coaching

Feeling unsatisfied with your job and want to find more fulfilling work?

Want to make a career change but not clear on what you want to do next?

Know what you want to do next but not sure how to market your skills as transferable?


A career coach can get to the heart of your talents and interests and where they fit into your work life. They will help you sort through this life-changing decision in a more organized, structured way.


Give yourself the best chance of making a successful career transition by working with a Certified Career Management Coach. Find work that gives you the fulfillment, excitement, and compensation you deserve! 


Schedule a complimentary consultation today and discover your next career move faster than you would by going it alone.

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